when do you need a weight distribution hitch

Safe Towing Tips From Fastway's Engineers. In other words, when determining the weight of the tow vehicle, the hitch should be included as cargo weight. Please see the Towing Stability Graph below from The Trailer Handbook, by NATM. Short of heading to a weigh station, there are tell-tale signs when you need to add a weight distribution hitch. Instead, you need to consider the tongue weight and gross vehicle weight (GVW) of your trailer and the size and weight ratings of your tow vehicle. As the gross trailer weight creeps up on the scales, a weight distribution hitch might start to look a lot more attractive. Check Latest Price. Before discussing what a weight distribution hitch does, we need to understand two terms first: tongue weight, and gross trailer weight.Gross trailer weight, as it implies, is the overall weight of the trailer in its towing condition. Is A Weight Distribution Hitch Required. The Equal-i-zer is one of the best sway control hitches that … See More Reviews. What Does A Weight Distribution Hitch Do. If you are towing a tall recreational vehicle trailer or a heavy enclosed trailer, which can get blown around by high crosswinds, we recommend using sway control, which helps eliminate side-to-side movement that can be unnerving and dangerous at freeway speeds. On the other hand, Toyota Tacoma requires a hitch over a … If you're planning on installing the hitch yourself, ease … How does a weight-distribution hitch work and how you can set it up yourself? Components of Weight Distribution Hitches: Why do you need a weight-distribution hitch? Weight distribution hitches are only necessary for bumper pull trailers, so if you’ve got a gooseneck, you don’t need one. The ground-breaking Andersen "No-Sway" "No-Bounce" Weight Distribution Hitch Now available with 2-1/2" & 3" shank! If you experience any of the following, you probably need a weight distribution system: Our innovative trailer accessories have been featured in Popular Mechanics and have won national awards. Types and working of different Weight Distribution Hitches. Your email address will not be published. Jason Harper and Matt Barnes, a couple of our in-house engineers, took time to explain the importance of both sway control and weight distribution. Heavy caravans towed by a vehicle that is lighter need a WDH as that tow vehicle cannot otherwise cope. If it does fix the trailer dive, then a weight distribution hitch is necessary. How does a weight-distribution hitch help tackle the problem? Strait-Line Weight Distribution System w Sway Control - Trunnion Bar - 10,000 lbs GTW, 800 lbs TW Reese Weight Distribution RP66083 With any 25' prowler, you could easily have more than 600 pounds hitch weight, so you need a hitch that can handle up to 800 pounds hitch weight (TW). Article by Steve Smith, Caravans Plus. A WDH is … Park your vehicle and trailer on a level surface and use the trailer … What hasn’t changed for the majority of 2014-newer pickups is the requirement that a weight-distrbuting (W-D) hitch be used when towing trailered loads in excess of 5,000 pounds for ½-tons and around 8,500 pounds for ¾- and 1-tons. HOW DO I KNOW IF I NEED A WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION HITCH? Our support team addresses this question all the time. All website orders over $45.00 qualify for free shipping in the contiguous United States. For more helpful information on safe towing and weight distribution take a look at a few of our most popular blog posts: Safe Towing Tips From Fastway's Engineers, How to Get Better Weight Distribution From Your e2 Hitch and Towing Capacity. Ok maybe not every question but you get the idea. Whether your truck is a midsize, heavy-duty, or 1/2 ton, it needs a weight distribution hitch when carrying a trailer. This Eaz lift weight distribution hitch … A LIABILITY & SAFETY ISSUE Save money by purchasing replacement parts for your 6-12K e2 hitch. Weight distribution hitch The summer is almost upon us, and so is the recreational towing season. So far people I talk to will answer my question (with a definite Yes) before I … Keeps your cable off the ground while you’re towing. You can appreciate the function of this system when riding during a bad weather or in any rough conditions. Generally, it is recommended to go for a weight distribution hitch if the overall weight of the trailer exceeds 50% of your vehicle’s towing capacity, as it makes it both safer AND increases the total weight you can tow. All of the hitches we recommend include sway control. Reorganising your load to better distribute the weight may also be necessary. Weight distribution hitches are actually required by truck manufacturers when the trailer reaches a certain weight compared to the size of the tow vehicle. When looking at your entire horse trailer and tow vehicle combination, you see a dip or sag point where the two connect at your hitch … For example, a trailer that’s far below … Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. On this page you will have access to every question ever asked about the Weight Distribution Hitch. You May Need a Weight Distribution System If… You own a bumper pull horse trailer with a tongue weight that exceeds your regular hitch’s tongue weight capacity. Whether you are heading to a job site or out for the weekend, you want trailer gear that works as hard and as smart as you do. The weight distribution hitch configuration transfers the load from the vehicle's rear axle to the vehicle's front axle and the trailer's axle. If you consider nothing else, and if your vehicle is sitting low at the back with your trailer hooked up (see diagram below), a weight distribution hitch may be required. We see heavier cargo trailers, campers and toy haulers using weight distribution hitches. Using a weight distribution hitch becomes more necessary the closer your trailer weight gets to being the same as your tow vehicle weight (1:1 ratio). This is a tricky question. Dave Lewis and Jason Harper, resident towing experts, gave the following advice, which we turned into an awesome infographic for you. For example, Chevrolet Silverado requires a hitch for a trailer weighing over 1500 pounds. Faster and easier weight distribution with built-in sway control. The NATM has guidelines outlining the safe ratios of tow vehicle and trailers. However, if your trailer weighs over 5,000 lbs., you’d have to have it installed. Basically, a weight distribution hitch will help keep your towing setup level and make sure the weight of your trailer doesn't cause undue stress on your vehicle. How Do I Install My Weight Distribution Hitch? Step8. A weight distribution hitch can help regardless of the trailer. Andersen Hitches WD Hitch Fitment Guide - Which Weight Distribution Hitch kit do I need? Weight distribution hitches join the bus into the tow truck in conjunction with this coupling to boost the towing ability of a bus by simply helping to share force between your buffet along with the tow vehicle.. HOW DO I KNOW IF I Want A WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION HITCH? There are … Eaz-Lift 48056 Elite Kit. If you are towing a trailer which, when fully loaded, weighs more than 5,000 pounds or more than 50% of your tow vehicle’s weight and you aren’t using a Weight Distributing Hitch (WHD), then you probably already have experienced the primary reason why you need one. Measure vehicle and trailer height. But if a WDH is used, that vehicle cannot corner as effectively as before. This type of hitch will also dampen the bounce that happens at the rear of your vehicle when towing. If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you will need a weight distribution hitch. The need for a weight-distribution hitch is also mentioned in the manual of the towing vehicle with respect to the weight of the trailer. If that happens on a small trailer under 5,000 pounds, the problem could be there is too much cargo at the front of the trailer. Tire Sidewall Damage – Causes & When to Replace, Throttle Body Problem Signs and Solutions, Throttle Position Sensor Cleaning – Tips to Clean Properly, 10 Best Cordless Ratchet Wrench Review and Complete Guide. Order today! A weight distribution hitch imposes a devil-and-deep-blue-sea situation. When you tow your trailer with the Fastway line you get state-of-the-art engineering and strength with unmatched good looks. Please see the Towing Stability Graph below from The Trailer Handbook, by NATM. Every truck manufacturer, whether it is for a midsize, 1/2-ton, or … 2# When Do You Need A Weight Distribution Hitch Next, consider your towing vehicle compared to the weight of your trailer and the type of load you’ll be pulling. (Check it out below!). Extends your trailer jack and saves up to 96 cranks every tow. Light weight, yet tough enough to handle your heaviest loads. A weight distribution hitch is a system designed to create a level, stable ride when you tow a trailer. Fastway makes hooking up your trailer faster and easier. Keeps your trailer and hitch safe from thieves. You can tow a heavier trailer with a ball mount if the tow vehicle is rated to handle the weight. How to Get Better Weight Distribution From Your e2 Hitch, A Top 20 Finish in Coolest Thing Made in Utah Contest. Using a weight distribution hitch becomes more necessary the closer your trailer weight gets to being the same as your tow vehicle weight (1:1 ratio). What Exactly Does A WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION HITCH? The weight transfer is caused by rotational forces centered at the hitch ball. Well I finally got my TT, a 34ft Keystone Cougar that weighs 7410 lbs. A WDH is most frequently employed for heavy or long caravans. When you couple your trailer to your tow vehicle, the added weight causes your … It also means that the receiver is designed to carry 1020 lbs (the max tongue weight, plus the hitch weight). But if you have a heavy-duty truck, this threshold can go up to between 6,000 and 8,500 lbs. Occasionally, we see a horse trailer using weight distribution, but not often. Heavier trailers in classes 3, 4, and 5 should be used with weight distribution (WD). If your towing capacity far exceeds your trailer weight, a … dry with a 2145 carrying capacity and a hitch weight of 755 lbs. Considering the value of the horses and the weight of a loaded horse trailer, we recommend using an e2 weight distribution hitch when towing a horse trailer. Why do I need weight distribution? Reinsert the Spring Bars and then Install the Bracket. The first question many new caravan or camper trailer owners ask is “Do I need one of those towing hitch things”. Essentially a weight distribution hitch is a safety device that improves the stability and road handling capabilities of the towing vehicle. You need a weight-distribution hitch if: If the GTW (trailer weight) is more than 50-percent of your GVWR (weight of your vehicle) The back of your tow vehicle sags quickly when you hook the trailer up Your trailer experiences sway on the road This reduces to load on the rear axle allowing the tow vehicle to pull a larger trailer. Keep in mind that most weight distributing hitches weigh around 100 lbs. All Rights Reserved. Usually if your trailer weighs in at more than 50 percent of the towing vehicle's weight, you'll need one of these hitches. Do I really need a weight distribution hitch? Weight distribution hitches link the caravan to the tow vehicle in combination with the coupling to improve the towability of a caravan by helping share the load between the caravan and the tow vehicle. This is the time when many take to the highway with a … Equal-i-Zer 4-Point Sway Control Hitch. There isn't a specific weight that defines the point where you should switch from a ball mount to a weight distribution hitch. Our best-selling products in convenient combo packs for faster, easier, smarter towing. How to know you need to use a weight-distribution hitch? Moving the load back over the axels may solve the problem. Weight distribution hitch kit: do I really need one? This PDF guide will help you figure out which Weight Distribution Hitch you need. While standard rear hitches are ideal for light or proper loads, RVers need to use a weight distribution hitch when the tongue weight of the trailer exceeds the weight specifications of the tow vehicle’s receiver hitch. First lets clarify what those ‘towing things’ are called. Trailer classes 1 and 2 do not require a weight distribution system. Benefits of a Weight Distribution Hitch. © 2020 Fastway Trailer Products. Saves you time, hassle and helps avoid expensive repairs. anewwayforward.org. Provides more stability by locking your wheels securely in place. Do I Need a Weight Distribution Hitch? We typically recommend ball mounts for towing lighter trailers, well below the towing capabilities of the vehicle, including, boat trailers, ATV trailers, light-weight cargo trailers and small U-Haul-type trailers. It’s a Required Piece of Equipment. Half-ton trucks and SUVs are normally required to use a weight distribution hitch when the trailer is 5,000 lbs and heavier.

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